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Navigating Safety Compliance in Manufacturing

To ensure a safe working environment and quality products, manufacturers are held to certain safety compliance standards. These may also extend to environmental concerns to make manufacturing processes more eco-friendly. At American Manufacturing, we care about keeping our employees safe and going the extra mile to ensure streamlined operations that save our customers valuable time and money.Here’s an inside look at how we incorporate safety into every aspect of the American Manufacturing workplace and some of the innovations in manufacturing safety that we’re excited about.Safety Compliance at American ManufacturingWe care about keeping our workplace as safe as possible, as this [...]

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Emerging Trends in Automotive Manufacturing Technologies

The automotive industry is ever-evolving, from manufacturing processes to end products. Much of this innovation occurs thanks to emerging technologies that set the stage for more efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes and results. Sometimes the opposite occurs, and the technology is informed by trends in consumer interests that push the automotive industry to change their way of thinking.As we look at what’s on the horizon in the automotive industry, two major trends are influencing how we approach automotive manufacturing: environmental consciousness and automation. Let’s take a look at how these trends are impacting the automotive industry and why it’s important [...]

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Quality Control Innovations in Manufacturing

Quality control is essential throughout the development, building and distribution of any product. It ensures that the end customer gets the best possible product that won’t fail during use—something especially important for products that could lead to safety hazards if faulty. The manufacturing industry is the frontline of quality for many essential parts and products, making innovations in quality control valuable assets for successful manufacturing. Let’s explore why quality control is so significant, and how we focus on it here at American Manufacturing.Why Quality Control MattersQuality control increases product quality and reliability while decreasing the risk of failures or defective [...]

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Revolutionizing Manufacturing in the Era of Digital Transformation

In an era so focused on automation, technology, and constant improvement by digital means, manufacturers need to be at the forefront of any digital trends transforming the way products are built. Here is what we’re seeing transform manufacturing today and what has us excited for the future, whether it be on an industry scale or within our own assembly department.New Trends We’re Seeing in ManufacturingTechnology is foundational to high-quality manufacturing, and the trends are very supportive of this ideal. All of the trends that we are investing in or excited about come from new ways of doing things through creating [...]

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Advancing Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Advancement and sustainability go hand-in-hand when it comes to the future of manufacturing. As the industry continues to explore new technologies and consider different ways to cut back on wasteful practices and amp up productivity, sustainability is the natural byproduct. Advancing sustainable manufacturing practices includes everything from increasing energy efficiency to utilizing more sustainable materials, but ultimately it comes down to the impact of technology on manufacturing’s potential for sustainability. Why Sustainable Manufacturing Practices Matter As manufacturing shifts away from traditional models and embraces innovations and technologies, sustainability is the name of the game. Consumers are increasingly interested in shopping [...]

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The Importance of the Auto Manufacturing Industries in Ohio

In the motor vehicle cluster alone, the state of Ohio is responsible for 12.3% of the national output—second among all states. Ohio is also the number one producer of engines, the number two producer of transmissions, and number two in automotive manufacturing as a whole. Because auto manufacturing is so prevalent in Ohio, it has naturally had a significant impact on not just the state, but on the automotive industry and our country as a whole. As a Toledo-based auto parts manufacturer, American Manufacturing is passionate about the importance of our industry for employing our people and empowering our economy! [...]

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Introducing Cobots to Our Welding Workforce

We’re no strangers to robotics in manufacturing, as our robotic welders have been increasing efficiency in American Manufacturing projects for years. However, these robots have their limitations, particularly when it comes to safety and programming.It takes time to program a robotic welder for a new custom project, and we must take several precautions and limit workforce interaction with the robot to keep our personnel safe. This makes it challenging for human welders to come alongside the robotic welders if needed for a project, slowing the process even further. Of course, we knew that the revolutionary robotics integrations of Industry 4.0 [...]

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Carts and Dollies vs. Monument Ergonomic Equipment for Sequencing

Assembly departments and companies require special equipment for toting and mobilizing parts of various shapes, sizes, and weights around a warehouse. Parts need to be delivered from the loading/unloading dock to the assemblers who need them for any given product, and then the emptied containers must be picked up and returned to the loading and unloading dock.Companies must use dollies and carts or “monument” ergonomic equipment to stage parts and deliver them to the assembly line. This can be done either with forklifts or tuggers to improve your sequencing process. Here are the differences between dollies and ergonomic equipment and [...]

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Why You Should Look for a Manufacturing Partner with a Great Assembly Department

One of the most important things you should look for in a manufacturing partner is a quality assembly department. This can ease the burden on your own production by letting an end-to-end manufacturing partner get your products fully assembled and ready to go, rather than delivering it to you not fully finished. Here’s why an assembly department is a must-have when looking for a manufacturing partner.What Does an Assembly Department Do? An assembly department brings together professional manufacturing engineers and assembly technicians to take the many parts of a product and put them together in a finished product. Basically, assembly [...]

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Industry 4.0: What It Means for Manufacturing

Manufacturing has never been more complex than in this age of labor shortages and tumultuous supply chains. Lead times are taking the hit, and manufacturers are going to extremes to make up the difference. At the same time, we’re in a new age of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence that is quickly transforming what manufacturing looks like, enabling parts manufacturers to lower lead times and streamline processes, while still delivering a quality product. This new age is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0. What does Industry 4.0 mean for manufacturing, and how can it make an impact for [...]

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