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Benefits of Automation for Manufacturing

The history of automation in manufacturing dates back to the Industrial Revolution when mechanized systems were first introduced to replace manual labor. Today, automation is making a transformational impact here at American Manufacturing. While we’re on the front lines of automation in manufacturing, it’s really historic. The development of machines and equipment that could perform repetitive tasks with greater speed and accuracy than humans paved the way for a new era of manufacturing. Assembly lines in the early 20th century further revolutionized manufacturing by allowing products to be produced more efficiently and at a lower cost. The invention of programmable [...]

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Plastic vs. Steel Containers: Four Important Considerations

Automotive companies rely on shipping containers to safely transport their parts and components from one place to another. Shipping containers are a critical component of any automotive company’s business operations, and it’s important to choose the right type of container for their needs. The two most common types of automotive shipping containers are plastic and steel. Both plastic and steel containers provide advantages and disadvantages that automotive companies should consider before they make a decision. Which is right for your needs? The answer depends on durability, custom sizing, cost, and environmental impact. Let’s dive in. Consideration 1: Durability  The most [...]

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Container Types: What’s Right for Your Needs?

  For automotive companies, shipping containers are critical in their business operations. There are various types of shipping containers available; choosing the right one is a multi-factored decision.   American Manufacturing has become a preferred supplier of some of the world's most respected automotive manufacturers, including Stellantis, Ford, and General Motors. We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of container types tailored to the customer’s needs. Let’s explore the features and benefits of different types of shipping containers, so you’re equipped to make an informed choice and select the most efficient, effective containers for your automotive business.   Truss-base shipping [...]

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Four Advantages of Water-Based Paint for Container Manufacturers

Paint plays a fundamental role in the manufacturing industry, helping protect and improve the appearance of a wide variety of products and components. For many years, powder coating has been the preferred method for manufacturers due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. However, with recent technological advancements, liquid-based paint is gaining in popularity thanks to its advantages over powder coating. At American Manufacturing, a special water-based paint is used in the container production process. This paint is superior due to the enzymes added during its manufacture, enabling a solid adhesion to metal. This enhancement allows for the production of finished [...]

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What Is a Multi-Level Rack?

Multi-level racks are an excellent product that allows for parts to be transported in an efficient and secure manner. There are multiple uses and benefits to multi-level rack systems that can be implemented within the assembly line and production process seamlessly. Continue reading to learn more about multi-level racks.   What are multi-level racks used for? Multi-level racks are most commonly used for transporting parts or other goods that need to be protected. Usually, they’re used in the context of stampings and assemblies.They are extremely beneficial for transporting parts that cannot be put into a basket. As multi-level racks [...]

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Why You Need a Tilt Dolly for Your Warehouse

Tilt dollies are a key aspect of the efficient maneuvering of parts within a warehouse. They are extremely safe and useful dollies as they can move up to 2,000 pounds depending on the style of tilt dolly. Typically, tilt dollies are found in the automotive setting and are a reliable part of an assembly line. What Is a Tilt Dolly? A tilt dolly is different from a dolly one might expect to see within a moving setting. Tilt dollies are used within production and can be useful for keeping forklifts out of the warehouse. Tilt dollies, as their name suggests, [...]

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What Does a Fabricator Welder Do?

If you’re familiar with the manufacturing world, you’ve definitely heard the terms “fabrication” and “welding,” but are you familiar with fabrication welding?  If not, you might wonder: Is metal fabrication the same as welding? What is a welding fabricator? What does a metal fabricator do? And why is fabrication welding important? Let’s illuminate this industry term by exploring all there is to know about welding fabrication and what these professionals do.    What is Fabrication Welding? Fabrication welding is a term used to describe the complete cycle of both fabrication and welding that metal pieces or structures go through during [...]

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What Are the Hazards of Palletizing and Stacking?

Palletizing and stacking are common tasks in warehouses and distribution centers. While pallets and skids are efficient ways to move products, they can be dangerous to the worker if not used correctly or if the equipment isn’t made to the best standard. If not handled properly, pallets can easily fall off of forklifts or trucks, leading to injuries for workers. In fact, palletizing and stacking account for more than 60% of all warehouse injuries, which is why it’s important to understand the possible hazards when it comes to palletizing and stacking.  Common Palletizing and Stacking Practices 1. Stacking Pallets Higher [...]

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What is the Difference Between a Pallet and a Skid?

When working in a warehouse or ordering products, choosing the correct equipment should be a straightforward experience that lets you know what you’re getting. However, not all equipment terms are universally defined, which can lead to confusion. “Pallet” and “Skid” are terms used interchangeably when it comes to transportation and storage. Both can perform similar functions depending on the task, but understanding the difference between the two, including the complete picture of the pros and cons of skids vs. pallets, is essential for using either tool effectively and for the proper purposes.  Here’s how the two are differentiated: Pallets have [...]

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4 Benefits of Using Ergonomic Equipment in Your Manufacturing Plant

Ergonomic principles are important in manufacturing settings. Using manufacturing ergonomic equipment and procedures can help reduce the risk of injuries, improve productivity, and create a more comfortable work environment for your employees. If you haven’t implemented ergonomic warehouse equipment into your manufacturing plant yet, consider these benefits for why you should. What Is Ergonomic Equipment? The science of ergonomics in the workplace is designed to tailor tasks, products, and environments for the human body, thereby eliminating any physical barriers to quality and productivity. When ergonomic equipment is implemented into a warehouse setting, production processes can become more functional and streamlined, [...]

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