Having an industrial cart or dolly at your warehouse can help to improve the manufacturing process. Carts and dollies tend to serve the same purpose, so they are basically interchangeable. Tilt carts are more efficient and safer to use than forklifts, and tilting equipment and can be manually maneuvered to carry parts and tools.

At American Manufacturing, we offer our customers heavy-duty industrial carts that can roll, rotate, and tilt. Our versatile products are great for moving equipment and parts around when you need to. Let’s look at some of the benefits of buying a tilt cart for your industry.

The Benefits of Buying Tilt Carts

There are many benefits to having a tilt cart for your warehouse. With added features such as hydraulic lifts, clamps, conveyors, and rollers, the tilt cart replaces your need for a tilt table. Dolly lift tables are comparable to tilt carts, but they are designed for the dollies specifically.60 degree tilt cart

Tilt carts can help to make your operational procedures a lot more efficient and can save any added cost of equipment. Here are just a few ways that lift and tilt carts can help with productivity and safety.

  • Safer Work Environment: Forklifts can cause life-threatening injuries if not used properly. Tilt carts are safer to use in the workplace because they are maneuvered manually. They are also moved using a “tugger.” This piece of equipment does not have a cage or mast in front of the driver’s view and it makes clear sight lines for the operator. Our heavy-duty tilt cart is great for moving heavy loads and eliminating many risks for injury.
  • Improve Productivity: Products can be moved faster in an assembly line since carts can be interchanged very quickly and easily. Some of our carts even offer adjustable heights to reach higher-up objects and give workers flexibility for standing or sitting while working.
  • Durable: Our industrial carts are long-lasting and are made to withstand the warehouse manufacturing environment.

We strive to create products for our customers that will last. We are continuously working to make our industrial carts perfect for your job application.

Tips for Buying a Tilt Cart

If you’re looking to buy a tilt cart for your warehouse, there are some features that you should consider. With many different options for movement, size, and degree of tilt, we have an industrial cart to fit your operational and manufacturing needs.

1. Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions of your tilt cart are important to consider. Larger product loads will require a bigger cart. Fortunately, many customization options allow your workers to transport more assembly-line items without difficulty.

The size of the cart can also save space in your warehouse. Because you don’t have to invest in large transport equipment like pallet jacks and forklifts, you also don’t have to give up the warehouse space to store these items.

2. Load Capacity

Different tilt carts will have different load capacities. You’ll want to measure the weight you plan on hauling around before choosing which industrial cart is right for you.

Make sure to overestimate weight capacity to ensure that whatever cart you end up using will be safe and effective. Some loads may end up being larger than you initially thought, so you’ll want a cart with a load capacity that you can rely on.

3. Swivel Casters and Wheels

Industrial carts have wheels and casters for proper movement. Swivel casters allow operators to turn the cart, while the wheels help with side-to-side motion.

Typically, tilt carts have two swivel casters near the handle and two rigid casters opposite of the handle. There are different types of casters, and the main difference is in the tread. At American Manufacturing, we use Apex tread casters because the balloon design puts minimum tread on the floor, which decreases friction and the push-pull force.

Our carts have a standard push-pull force of 40 pounds with a sustained push force of 29 pounds or less. For heavier loads, we have a Twergo line of casters that utilize more wheels within the rig to lighten the operator’s push force.

Contact us if you have any questions about our many different types of casters. 

4. The Advantage of Tilting

As we discussed before, tilt carts are made with specific dimensions in mind to make handling equipment and parts at your warehouse a lot easier. The advantage of having a cart that tilts is that it is easier to load and unload materials.

Our 60-degree tilt cart is an excellent option for taller containers. Operators can use the tilting feature to their advantage when loading products.

Whether you’re looking to create a safer warehouse environment for your workers or want to add efficiency and convenience to your assembly line process, American Manufacturing’s products are here for you. Shop our industrial cart and dolly options, or contact us today to learn more.