Warehouses and distribution centers require steel shipping pallets to handle, store, and ship merchandise correctly, allowing for a more effective use of space on the warehouse floor and a safer shipping process. Because of this, these pallet racks must be durable enough and built in a way to withstand heavy loads and keep products from falling due to imbalance.

Wooden pallets remain a popular choice for many shipping companies, but at American Manufacturing, we utilize heavy-duty steel pallets as a more effective and durable alternative. There are many reasons why you should consider using steel pallets over wooden ones, mainly because they are a much safer option for warehouse procedures.

What Are Pallets?

Steel pallets are designed to be flat surfaces where goods, materials, and equipment can be stacked, stored, and moved. These pallets are an integral part of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) because they ensure that all storing and shipping procedures are done efficiently and effectively.

The racks have a flat and solid support structure, meaning they won’t collapse or break when handled by a forklift. They are made to be sturdier and carry heavier loads, as well as offer a more economical option for warehouse managers. Steel pallets can completely protect your inventory from any damage, lowering costs associated with damaged products or any safety hazards.

Heavy-duty pallets also help improve the efficiency of a warehouse by providing an effective shipping and storage solution. Warehouse managers can use these pallets to stack merchandise vertically, further optimizing their warehouse space and storing items without any added safety risk.

Steel Pallets vs. Wood Pallets

Wooden pallets, such as wooden drum pallets, have been used in many industries to transport products such as chemicals, oils, and other liquids and materials. Wooden pallets have been sufficient for carrying heavy shipping loads, and they are often preferred because they are super cheap.

However, steel pallets are much more durable and tend to have higher weight capacities. They can also bring you savings because they are reusable, whereas a wooden pallet tends to break often and either needs to be repaired or thrown out.

Another advantage of using steel pallets to transport hazardous materials is that certain features, like steel dividers and pins, allow products to stay in place while being moved. This is very important for preventing products from spilling or contaminating other merchandise nearby.

Because high-quality steel shipping pallets have been created to replace wooden ones, warehouse managers can expect to reduce all maintenance costs associated with pallets and further prevent any product damage or contamination.

Pallets at American Manufacturing

We offer a variety of pallets for all your warehouse and shipping needs. Our steel pallet products include a variety of features to help make your warehouse and shipping processes a lot more efficient. All of these products are more durable than wood because they are made of steel, meaning the pallet has a longer shelf life. Additionally, as long as your steel pallets aren’t exposed to moisture, they will remain rust-free and effective for a long time.

Here’s a preview of some of the steel pallet products we offer at American Manufacturing:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Pallet: This pallet comes with a corrugated deck and offers two-way fork access. We offer a variety of sizes that you can choose from, and all options have a weight capacity of 4,000 pounds.
  • Standard Steel Drum Pallets: These pallets are great at assisting with the storage and retrieval of parts. American Manufacturing works with the Australian Nuclear Regulatory Commission, where they build these drum pallets that are able to hold low-level nuclear waste drums. The pallets are largely effective in keeping these drums from tipping over, preventing product contamination. This steel pallet offers four-way forklift access.
  • Blank Pin Pallets: At American Manufacturing, our blank pin pallets are designed to work with ASRS systems, such as an automated stamping line. The movable pins on the pallet allow the user to secure both standard and custom steel blanks on it. The corner posts on this pallet can also be removed and repositioned to fit your needs. It has a weight capacity of 15,000 pounds, making it a highly versatile product.

In addition to the pallets above, American Manufacturing also offers more personalized options, such as our bolt-on pin pallet base and our in-plant pin pallet.

If you’re a warehouse owner who is thinking about making the switch from wooden pallets to steel ones, American Manufacturing is here for all your pallet needs. We also offer other warehouse and shipping products, like steel shipping containers and industrial carts and dolliesContact us today for more information at 419-531-9471.