High volume manufacturing or production can be advantageous for consumers and manufacturers alike. Although they benefit in different ways, high volume manufacturing is a key aspect of manufacturing that individuals can capitalize on. Whether it’s finding a competitive advantage for a manufacturer and their business, or reaping the benefits of readily available, more cost-effective products, mass production has the ability to offer extraordinary benefits. 

What is high volume manufacturing? 

High volume manufacturing, commonly referred to as mass production, involves producing a large volume of goods over a short period of time. Usually, high volume manufacturing also means producing the same exact product in a consistent manner with minimal variations. In general, high volume manufacturing puts the initiative for choosing products into the hands of the manufacturer, according to The Economist. 

High volume manufacturing decreases production times 

Decreased production times come from the standardized nature of the process. Engaging in high volume manufacturing allows manufacturers to mass produce a larger scale of goods and make them more available to a greater number of consumers. Notably, “the use of modern methods of mass production has brought such improvements in the cost, quality, quantity and variety of goods available that the largest global population in history is now sustained at the highest general standard of living,” according to Britannica. 

Standardizing production increases efficiency

Efficiency is increased due to the fact that mass produced items are able to be assembled at a faster rate through automation, which is one aspect of high volume manufacturing that can create a competitive advantage for a manufacturer. Efficiency is increased when workers are provided specialized tasks that involve relatively simple, repetitive tasks with minimal positioning of the workpiece. These aspects of high volume production allow workers to get into a pattern that can be learned quickly and performed without unnecessary motion or readjustments. 

At American Manufacturing we’re able to increase efficiency through the use of our robots. Specifically, our welding robots allow our workers to focus their attention to one task at a time. Our plasma robot utilizes a robotic unloading and loading arm to help us redistribute our workforce to other areas of the plant. Due to the efficient nature of our welding robots when used for high volume production, workers do not have to load the parts and can focus solely on welding while the robot does the loading for them. You can find more videos of our robot capabilities on our YouTube channel.

Proper machines and materials should aid in minimizing the amount of effort required of the individual performing the tasks. When the process of high volume production is thorough and well planned, the ideal balance between human and machine can be achieved to optimize productivity and accuracy.  At American Manufacturing, we utilize our cutting edge technology and robotics which allow us to produce items for our customers quickly and efficiently. 

High volume production allows for greater accuracy 

The consistency within high volume manufacturing, or mass production, aids in accuracy. “If production is stringently monitored, mass production can result in a high level of precision because production line machines have preset parameters,” according to Investopedia. Functioning within set parameters leaves less room for errors.  

Mass production allows for lower production costs 

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of high volume manufacturing are lowered costs. Because manufacturers are able to produce products more efficiently and in a shorter time frame, there’s a greater number of sales opportunities available. Additionally, mass production can decrease the total cost of production per unit. “For example, a worker might only be able to produce 10 units of a certain good per day when working alone, but by specialization in a specific task and working on an assembly line, five workers together might be able to produce 100 units a day,” according to Chron. In fact, as the volume of production rises, cost often goes down. 

When choosing to manufacture goods in high volume with American Manufacturing, our clients get the benefit of our ability to continually be a low-cost provider of containers due to our purchasing powers. 

How American Manufacturing utilizes high volume production

Our ordering and manufacturing process is streamlined to benefit our customers’ needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our high volume manufacturing services, please contact us. We are able to utilize current drawings or assist with creating drawings through our 3D CAD services. From there, we’re able to help find the best way to manufacture containers for each of our clients. 

In general, mass production or high volume manufacturing can be advantageous for both the manufacturer and the consumer. At American Manufacturing, we specialize in the high volume production of standard steel containers. We supply standard steel containers for Ford, General Motors and Chrysler simultaneously. Our goal is to work with our customers to maximize performance and minimize cost through our experience in selecting materials and processes for designs that will work for you. We’re committed to the quality and efficiency of our standard steel containers and would love to be able to provide you with more information on our high volume production capabilities. Please feel free to contact us at any time.