Pallets serve an important role in the manufacturing process. It’s no surprise that because of their high level of functionality, pallets have become a basic component in our modern-day supply chain. There are a variety of different types of pallets that can be extremely helpful for manufacturers and serve their own purpose. Knowing the different benefits of each type of pallet can help manufacturers use them to their fullest capability.  

What are the benefits of using a pallet with a lip? 

Pallets with a lip are helpful for a variety of reasons. A lip pallet has a raised edge that is higher than the pallet deck and is present on all four sides. Lip pallets are used to simplify material handling and offer added organizational and safety benefits for both manufacturers and employees when used properly. 


One of the greatest uses of pallets with a lip is for organization purposes. When pallets with a lip are carrying items and are stacked on top of each other, the lip allows them to locate and stay in place. When they are stacked without items on them, pallets with a lip are also able to interlock. In both scenarios, the lip allows them to maintain a nice stack and stay organized. 


In addition to helping manufacturers and employees keep things organized, pallets with a lip also provide an added element of safety. A lip on a pallet can often be referred to as a pallet safety rim. Because of their ability to stack and remain located, empty pallets with a lip can be transported in a safer manner which also helps maintain smooth transport. When heavy items are put onto the pallet deck, the lip helps to keep the items within the pallet footprint. Maintaining a secure load is important for the safety of the overall manufacturing process and warehouse, and pallets with a lip are one simple way to help accomplish that.

When to use a pallet without a lip

Although pallets with a lip serve a great purpose, they might not always be the right pallet for the job. For example, a pallet without a lip might be necessary when a product overhangs from the footprint of the pallet. In instances where a flat surface is preferred, pallets such as the Heavy Duty Steel pallet from American Manufacturing can be another great option to consider. 

How to choose the right material for a lip pallet

The right material for your pallet depends upon your need and priority of strength and durability. While pallets made out of wood can appear to be a more affordable option upfront, they do not necessarily stand the test of time as a steel pallet does. Wooden pallets can be fairly strong, but they do have a max capacity that is significantly lower than steel pallets. For longevity and strength, steel is a much more advisable pallet material and one that inevitably provides added value. 

Steel pallets are typically the best choice for manufacturers looking for a durable pallet. They are tough enough to withstand extremely heavy loads, and can also exist within the elements in ways that pallets made out of wood cannot. For example, since steel pallets can stand up against rain and UV without rotting, they can be stored outside whereas wooden pallets must be stored inside with shelter from the elements. Steel pallets also allow easy forklift access and are virtually maintenance-free and there is an added durability from the forklift. Forklifts have more pressure than many people think, and they can split wood or rip nails out of wood pallets. They can also damage plastic pallets, and containers, in this same way much easier than they would steel. 

Compared with plastic pallets, both steel pallets in general and steel pallets with a lip can exist within the widest range in temperature. Steel pallets are also usually the proper choice for environments that contain flammable materials, given they will not burn or melt as a wood or plastic pallet would. In the cold, plastic and wood pallets tend to become brittle and breakable – but you will not find this to be the case with a pallet made up of steel. Steel pallets are an easy-to-clean option for manufacturers and can be a great choice for environments in which sanitation is a high priority. 

In general, steel pallets are the best choice for supply chains that require extreme load capacity and durability. Plus, steel pallets have a longer lifespan and can be a worthwhile investment for many manufacturers. 

American Manufacturing offers a variety of steel pallets, including a pallet with a lip, that are durable and offer excellent long-term value. The pallet with a lip from American Manufacturing has a static capacity of 4,000 pounds and features corrugated decks with drain holes and four-way access. Drain holes are useful for removing water from the surface of the pallet, which could potentially damage parts on top of the pallet. Plus, not all plastic pallets offer drain holes, making our pallet with a lip a great option. For more information on our pallet with a lip or any steel pallet offered by American Manufacturing, contact us or call us at 419-531-9471 for more information. We would be happy to provide you with more details on how our steel pallets can be of service to you. We pride ourselves on manufacturing excellent products and believe you’ll find our steel pallets of great value.