Choosing the right manufacturing company is an integral part of a successful business. In addition to being an initial step towards success, the right manufacturing company can help optimize both the efficiency and quality of a business. In order to best guide your search, it can be helpful to first define your specific manufacturing needs and then find a manufacturing company to meet the criteria. 

Define your communication needs

The frequency in which you will need to communicate with your manufacturing company can immediately narrow the search. For reasons as simple as time zones, communicating with a domestic or American manufacturing company can be easier and allow “greater oversight,” according to Our team of managers is able to seamlessly communicate with customers’ ordering systems and ensures we meet our clients’ communication needs on time. 

Opt for companies with a sizeable production capacity 

The amount of product you need to be produced can directly reflect the size of a manufacturing company and warehouse to look for. Many manufacturers have a minimum or maximum requirement. Asking about their production capacity can present a better idea of their capabilities and if they’re within an ideal range for your production needs. “Production capacity is key to long-term success,” according to Entrepreneur. Thinking about this aspect of manufacturing requirements can help production to be on time and to scale. 

Find out how long the company has been in business

American Manufacturing has been in the industry for nearly 50 years. We focus our expertise on manufacturing steel containers and have continuously advanced our business and manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers’ needs. Additionally, our ergonomic equipment has been utilized in the automotive manufacturing industry for over 30 years.

The credibility and history of a long-standing manufacturing company can indicate what to expect. Often, a well-established business means that they’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple clients and therefore have a better handle on their own systems and processes. For this reason, it can be advantageous to choose an established manufacturer. 

Look into the equipment list

A manufacturer’s equipment list is one way to gain insight into the production abilities of a company. For example, our extensive equipment list gives customers a better understanding of our comprehensive steel manufacturing capabilities.  


An OEM is referred to as an original equipment manufacturer whereas an ODM is an original design manufacturer. While some manufacturing companies offer both services, others specialize in just one, according to Jenco. ODMs are usually chosen by businesses that are looking for a manufacturer to both create and design custom products. They usually aid in the entire process and are often preferred by small to medium-sized companies. In contrast, companies who are seeking specialty parts usually favor OEMs. OEMs “make products, parts or pieces of equipment that are then used in the manufacturing of other end products,” according to Jenco. Larger companies are typically drawn to an OEM for this reason. 

Since American Manufacturing is both an OEM and ODM, we’re able to help our clients navigate the entire manufacturing process. From choosing materials and creating designs to producing the final product, we work to create a system that will best suit each clients’ steel manufacturing needs.

Establish a price point 

Price point can dictate if a business is to choose an ODM or OEM. ODMs are usually a more costly option, but the services can be more comprehensive. OEMs can be more affordable, but not as extensive. 

Find manufacturers more specific to your needs

Manufacturing is heavily involved in many industries, and as a result, there are currently 599,424 manufacturing businesses operating within the United States, according to IBISWorld. Because of this, manufacturers that operate within your specific industry will likely be more suitable. Eliminating some of the manufacturing companies that do not serve your industry can also be an effective tactic for narrowing your search. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) offers the ability to segment and define the various American manufacturing industries who produce similar products.

Think about a shipping timeline 

Shipping is generally faster and more economical with an American manufacturer. If a supply chain requires quicker shipping, it could be beneficial to search for strictly domestic manufacturers. 

Ask for references and a sample product

Asking for references can disclose the standard of customer service that is to be expected. In addition to references, a sample product can also provide a tangible indicator of the quality to anticipate moving forward. “Asking for references should be a core part of your evaluation of potential manufacturing candidates,” according to At American Manufacturing, we’re proud to supply our customers with both a list of references and a sample product. Contact us for more information. 

Schedule a visit

Scheduling a visit to a potential manufacturer can further solidify a decision. Visiting a manufacturing company “gives you the ability to better gauge a manufacturer’s services and overall quality,” and “it gives you a chance to see quality control and engineering processes up close,” according to Global Sourcing Specialists founder Ashton Udall and

If you need assistance in selecting the right manufacturing company for your needs, please contact us through our website or give us a call at 419-531-9471, we would be glad to support you with your steel manufacturing needs. We specialize in the high-volume production of standard steel containers for Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and their suppliers. As a preferred supplier, we’re equipped with the knowledge and ability to help you navigate the process of standard steel container manufacturing.