Welcome to the product demonstrations part of our blog! This is the place where we show off our products and give better insight as to how to use them more efficiently. A large part of our business is ergonomic improvement, allowing for increased productivity on your manufacturing floor. We all know that space is the most valuable commodity in a manufacturing setting. American Manufacturing Inc. (AMI) offers myriad products to help with space savings as well as assist with ergonomic improvements.

We will dissect the video below to show the ins and outs of what makes our product stand out. It might be hard at first to watch this video and think about how it can improve upon your existing process. Here we will help answer some lingering questions about how to improve upon what you are already doing.

Product Use:

  • The operator easily tilts the containers to their locked positions.
  • Top container is at 30°- 40° (Depending on customer needs)
  • Lower container is at 20°- 26° (Depending on customer needs)
  • Once the top container is tilted, it is automatically locked in place.
  • When the container is emptied, the operator uses the handle to release the automatic lock.

Product Details:

  • Two tilting decks that can be either the same size or two different sizes depending on your container needs. Note that the lower container needs to be 21” tall or less in order to fit underneath the top container.
  • Stacking the containers creates space savings.
  • Heavy gage container stops keep the container from sliding off the platform.
  • Channel based structure allows for handling heavier loads. We are able to insert different types of dunnage into the containers to keep your parts sorted and/or separated to prevent damage during the process.

Key Takeaways

  1. The ability to stack containers while on the production floor is a huge space and money saver. You do not always need to pick between saving space and ergonomic assistance. Limiting an employee from bending over too far creates huge cost savings in preventing time off of work due to an injury and subsequently a worker’s compensation claim. AMI offers an array of products to fit your individual needs.
  2. Our double gravity tilt table is built out of channel and heavy wall bar stock/sheet. The robust material used allows for a greater variety of products to be used in the same piece of equipment. The versatility of this product adds to the cost/benefit analysis allowing for greater utilization within your production facility.
  3. Operator ease of use is the biggest determining factor for buying a piece of ergonomic equipment. The last thing you would want is to purchase a product to help your production staff perform their job easier and safer, but to only have the product be hard to physically operate. The center points of gravity on the double tilt table make it easy for the operator to maneuver the containers into the position they prefer.

We hope this has been an informative way to dive deep into our product and to help make the purchasing process easier. If you are interested in a quote, click the Contact Us link at the top of the page. If you want to see more videos of different products we offer, make sure to check out our YouTube page.  Please leave a comment below so we can continuously improve our blogs to give you the most information possible!