Utilizing an industrial cart or dolly can greatly improve the efficiency of a manufacturing process. Uses and terminology for industrial carts and industrial dollies are interchangeable as they generally serve the same purpose. Some people refer to them as a cart, others a dolly, but the uses for both remain the same. Although a hand truck can also be called a dolly, for purposes of this article, we will not be discussing the uses of a hand truck within manufacturing. 

Create a safer work environment

The greatest improvement to the workplace that carts and dollies have to offer is the ability to make them significantly safer by limiting the need for a forklift. Forklifts can cause serious or life-threatening injuries on the job. They account for about 100 workers killed and another 20,000 injured every year, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Generally, the danger of forklifts comes from their mass. On average, they weigh around 9,000 pounds, which is triple the weight of a typical passenger car. Given that they only have one set of brakes, forklifts can also be difficult to stop. Slight mistakes made by an operator while lifting heavy loads can lead to serious injuries if a load were to fall. Even when operated at very slow speeds, forklift collisions are still likely to cause significant damage. Nearly all forklift accidents involving a pedestrian are serious and can cause costly repairs when they come into contact with equipment or structures. By going fork-free, with carts and dollies, and preventing just one forklift accident, a workplace can become considerably safer.

Our heavy-duty tilt cart is one product to consider when thinking about how to eliminate or lessen the use of forklifts in a manufacturing workspace. It is both towable and manually maneuverable and has the ability to tilt to allow for better ergonomics and accessibility of parts. When the cart is tilted towards a workstation, it lessens the strain on an operator, inevitably giving them the ability to perform their job in a safer manner. Visualize the benefits of our heavy-duty tilt cart operating within your manufacturing line by watching a product demonstration on our YouTube channel. 

Improve productivity and efficiency 

In addition to being safer, operators working on the line have the potential to become more productive when carts and dollies are utilized. One way this can be done is through staging. Meaning, the moment that a product runs out on the line, the operator is immediately able to move in another cart, either with a tugger or by hand. This allows products to be moved faster and more efficiently than with a forklift. Productivity can also be increased with adjustable height utility carts which can allow an operator to work either sitting or standing, according to their needs. Adjustable height carts also make it easier to reach into taller bins at a quicker pace. Ultimately, carts and dollies allow the line to be fed efficiently and help to maximize productivity, allowing for workers to experience less fatigue and fewer injuries. 60 degree tilt cart

Specifically, our rotate cart lends itself well to increasing efficiency. This industrial cart can be pushed into a cell where an operator is able to remove the goods inside and then spin it either 90 or 180 degrees to take more parts out of the other sides of the rack. Additionally, our 60-degree tilt cart can be of service for tall containers. The 60 degree tilt presents much more of the container to an operator, allowing the cart to be loaded and unloaded with ease.

Benefits of Quality Made Industrial Carts and Industrial Dollies 

Investing in a quality made industrial dolly allows for better use of the product along with increased longevity. It is important to purchase an industrial cart or industrial dolly that is durable enough to withstand the manufacturing environment. At American Manufacturing, we strive for continuous quality improvement. We’ve worked with tier 1 suppliers and the big three automotive companies for over 15 years making industrial carts and industrial dollies. We have worked to refine and increase the rigidity of our carts and dollies, making them more economical and ergonomic, and able to hold up within the rough manufacturing environment. 

Integrating an industrial cart or industrial dolly into the manufacturing line requires thought and planning for it to be used most effectively. At American Manufacturing, we’re able to help implement carts and dollies into your manufacturing line. Since we have design capabilities for custom industrial carts and applications, we can assist you with everything from the design of your cart to implementation. From there, we’re able to walk you through the process and be present in the project kick-off. Our industrial carts and industrial dollies are able to help improve both safety and efficiency in the workplace by tilting, turning and linking together through a recessed hitch and towing package. 

If you would like to see more of our industrial carts and industrial dollies, you can visit our carts and dollies page or view product demonstrations on our YouTube channel. To get a quote for one of our carts or dollies please contact us. We would be happy to assist you in discovering how our carts and dollies can make your workplace safer and more efficient. If you need assistance in selecting or designing the right industrial cart or industrial dolly for your workplace, please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. We’re equipped with the design and implementation capabilities to maximize the benefits of an industrial cart or dolly in your workplace.