Metal stamping plants rely on repeatability and automation to stay competitive. At American Manufacturing, we developed a steel blank pin pallet to assist in stamping automation. We designed our pallet to be configurable to almost any blank shape and size.

We will be dissecting the video below to show the ins and outs of what makes our product stand out. It might be hard at first to watch this video and think about how it can improve upon your existing process. Here we will try to help answer some lingering questions about how to improve upon your current processes.

Product use:

  • The operator starts by disengaging the safety lock latch from the corner post.
  • The corner posts are laid flat when the pallet is empty to increase the return ratio during transportation.
  • She then places the corner post in its upright position and engages the locking mechanism.
  • The vertical corner posts allow the pallets to be stacked once they are loaded with steel blanks.
  • The operator then removes a stabilizing pin from the cubby and inserts it into the collar.
  • The stabilizing pin can be freely moved within a slotted track to wherever the steel blank ends up.
  • She then screws the collar tight to make sure it does not move away from the blank on top of the pallet.
  • The pin is easily unlocked and moved back to another location showing the ease of use for any size or shape of steel blank.
  • The end of the video shows how many location options this pallet has, to make sure the steel blanks do not move while in transit.

Product Details

  • Static capacity: 15,000 pounds
  • Tare weight: 2,360 pounds
  • Features:
    1. Removable two position corner posts – this option allows for a higher return ratio for the pallets. When the corner posts are upright the overall height is 33 inches. However, when the corner posts are down, the overall height changes to 11 inches.
    2. Onboard pin storage cubbies – these cubbies reduce the chance of losing pins and give the operator easy access to as many pins as needed to secure the load.
    3. Zinc dichromate finish – this finish prevents rust and keeps your steel blanks clean from contamination.
    4. Robotic load/unload positioners in the base – these pallets are designed for use with a robotic loading/unloading system. They will seat in a robotic cell for seamless transferring of parts to the stamping press.

Key Takeaways

  1. The ability to stack the pallets while on the production floor is a huge space and money saver. As long as your loaded weight is within the recommended static capacity, you can improve your production readiness by stacking pre-loaded pallets near your production area.
  2. One word; customization. Our pin pallet fits all types of blank shapes and sizes. The ability to customize your support pins gives stampers the flexibility to reuse the same pallets for various programs which leads to a cost savings on having to purchase more pallets.
  3. Automation is easier to achieve with our steel blank pin pallet. We use standard robotic positioners underneath the pallet that integrate seamlessly with most stamping automation cells.

We hope this has been an informative way to dive deep into our product and to help make the purchasing process easier. If you are interested in a quote, click the Contact Us link at the top of the page. If you want to see more videos of different products we offer, make sure to check out our YouTube page.  Please leave a comment below so we can continuously improve our blogs to give you the most information possible!