Creating a Forklift-Free environment

This is not an easy task. Having forklifts driving around pedestrians in a manufacturing facility account for over 95,000 serious and non-serious accidents annually. In our last blog we broke down our double gravity tilt showing off the safety and operational features of this space saving piece of equipment. For this post we will dig into our heavy-duty industrial cart line. These dollies give you the opportunity to remove some of your forklifts to create a safer manufacturing space.

You can find all our carts on our Cart and Dolly page of the website. The video below will be the reference for the detailed breakdown. First, the “Product Use” paragraph is a linear breakdown of the video. “Product Details” will talk about the features of the dolly. Finally, the “Key Takeaways” section will act as the executive summary of the video. If you have questions after reading this blog, make sure to comment at the bottom.

Product use:

  • The operator moves the dolly by releasing the foot brake and using the push handle to position the dolly.
  • The dolly is locked in place by using the foot activated brake pedal.
  • Tilt angle of the dolly is 30° once the operator pulls the red tilt handle.
  • The speed of tilt is controlled by a hydraulic tilt cylinder mounted to the dolly.
  • Corner guides welded to the dolly allow for use of drop gates on your container.
  • Specifically, for our heavy-duty line, the foot pedal assist makes returning the container to its resting position easier on the operator.
  • The drawbar extends outward to automatically release the foot pedal.
    • This application is useful for tugging the dollies in a train around the plant. The tugger operator slides the clevis pin through the pintle ring and drives away without having to first unlock the floor brake.
  • The black handle then is pulled upward to allow the draw bar to smoothly slide back into its retracted position.

Product Details

  • This dolly is shown with a Twergo line of casters that allow an operator to push up to a 1,500lb load with less than 45lbs of push/pull force
    • Two swivel rigs and two rigid rigs
  • Deck size: 43.00” x 55.00” x 29.00” high
  • Large counterweight to aid in returning the dolly to its resting position
  • Warranty: 1-year against defects in materials and workmanship

Key Takeaways

  1. Being either Towable or Manually maneuvered, our heavy-duty dolly gives your company a fork-free environment for even the heaviest applications. We can help alleviate safety concerns for any process you have within your plant.
  2. Ergonomics are crucial to a safe work environment. With the advent of the foot pedal assist, your operators undergo less strain on their body to return a container to its resting location. Our counterweight system also gives support to the operator as they tilt back the load.
  3. Casters are key for success. The casters we offer on all our dolly lines are customized to support any work environment. The goal is to keep the force exerted by any operator to a minimum while giving them the opportunity to perform their job easily and safely.

We hope this has been an informative way to dive deep into our product and to help make the purchasing process easier. If you are interested in a quote, click the Contact Us link at the top of the page. If you want to see more videos of different products we offer, make sure to check out our YouTube page.  Please leave a comment below so we can continuously improve our blogs to give you the most information possible!