With so much going on in a warehouse or industrial setting, forklifts can become a safety hazard for workers. While they are effective for moving merchandise and heavy loads, they take up a lot of space and can be easily mishandled.

Instead of just relying on a forklift for your warehouse handling and moving needs, you should also consider a lift table. Lift tables help to provide further automation on a manufacturing line. With many different types and options, American Manufacturing recommends our lift tables as a safer and more convenient mode of product transport in a warehouse setting. 

What Are Lift Tables?

Ergonomic lift tables provide a portable and effective way to safely raise and lower heavy loads found in a warehouse. An automated lift table is a great addition to any industrial or warehouse work setting because it’s safer, more efficient, and highly effective.

A lift table works by using a large platform to lift and lower heavy loads. Whether you choose a lift table that is mobile or stationary, they can both lift loads that weigh a few pounds up to several tons of weight.

Many lift tables, like pneumatic lift tables, use air pressure to move up and down. Even though pressurized air must have an electrical power source such as a generator, air lift tables are still a cleaner option. They are less environmentally hazardous than hydraulic lift tables are. This means that your warehouse is more eco-friendly.

With lift tables, not only can you streamline all material handling processes, but you can also protect your employees from injury or overexertion. One of the main purposes a lift table should be used for is to protect the operator and prevent them from reaching or bending outside their comfort zone. Repetitive motions only lead to worker fatigue, resulting in a higher chance of injury occurring.

Types of Lift Tables

There are multiple types of lift tables available on the market today, including hydraulic lift tables, pneumatic, and scissor lift tables. All lift tables share the same basic components—a lifting mechanism and a tabletop surface that’s flat. However, each type of table varies in how it is operated.

At American Manufacturing, we only offer pneumatic tables because they are the safest option for a lift table. They offer many benefits and can help you increase productivity in your warehouse.

Pneumatic Lift Tables at American Manufacturing

Instead of using hydraulic technology, a pneumatic lift table uses pneumatic cylinders as actuators. This means that these tables can lift heavy loads by compressing air rather than using a flammable, toxic fluid. Because of this, pneumatic lift tables are highly versatile and can be used in almost any environment without worrying about typical safety concerns.

Pneumatic lift tables only require an electric generator to be operated. Your warehouse can save money on powering large equipment by using a lift table that is mobile, user-friendly, and requires little maintenance. Hydraulic lift tables can leak fluid, resulting in combustion or dangerous electric currents. These concerns do not exist with a pneumatic platform lift table.

Our pneumatic lift tables at American Manufacturing can be made in any size and have enhanced safety features to ensure they won’t collapse during use or repair. They can handle either 2000 or 4000 pounds depending on what size you need.

Our lift tables are hand- or foot-operated and offer accordion-style vinyl safety skirting that won’t fall if air escapes during maintenance. The safety skirting is also to keep workers from putting their hands or feet into the lift table during operation. Flow control valves ensure the table does not collapse in the event of a loss of air pressure to the table.

Additionally, we offer pneumatic lift and tilt tables that bolt to the floor and tilt 30 degrees at the top. This allows for parts to be presented to the operator at an ergonomically safe height.

Our pneumatic lift and turn table offers similar versatility and can rotate 360 degrees. With a lift and turn table, you don’t have to use a forklift to lift containers high; instead, you can load the lift and turn table at ground level, and the operator can raise the product themselves. They are then able to spin the table themselves to unload both sides of whatever rack they are working on without the need for a forklift to come and spin the rack.

Lift Table Uses and Benefits

There are many benefits of using a lift table in a warehouse setting. These include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Pneumatic lift tables have enhanced features that increase safety in the workplace and reduce worker injuries. The platform of the lift table can be positioned within a worker’s power zone—the region between their shoulders and knees where they have the strongest control without reaching or stooping. When a lift table is well-positioned, it minimizes the need for heavy lifting by workers or reaching for components overhead.
  • Higher Productivity: Lift tables enhance productivity because they can lift more than a human being and can be loaded and operated a lot more quickly. With a lean production process, your warehouse’s productivity will increase. In addition, less damaged products from better material handling efficiency saves you money in the long run.
  • Durability: Pneumatic lifting tables are simple yet sturdy devices. They have fewer mechanical components compared to other lift tables, making them very low maintenance.
  • Even Lifting: Lift tables allow you to evenly distribute the weight from a heavy load and provide perfect balance and stability as it raises and lowers. An even lifting surface reduces the risk of any objects dropping and causing damage or injury.
  • Simplicity: Our lift tables are manually controlled by hand or foot. This allows for easy and controlled raising and lowering. The “dead man valve” allows for the table only to move when an operator is present and attentive to the table. If they release the valve, the movement stops. This is a great safety feature compared to other tables that move automatically and need safety light curtains and other safety controls. You won’t have to offer abundant training for your workers because the tilt table is easy to use, reducing any interruptions to your warehouse’s workflow.
  • Versatility: Lift tables are mobile and compact, so they take up minimal space on your warehouse floor. This makes them a lot more accessible for smaller facilities. Our lift tables are also available in multiple sizes and weight capacities to perfectly fit your needs.

Tips for Buying a Lift Table

If you’re in the market to buy a lift table, there are some things you should consider. First, you’ll want to determine how big of loads you’re planning on lifting. Lift tables must be specified to handle certain weight limits and dimensions, so it’s important to find a size that supports your load.

If your lift table is too small, you will sacrifice stability and balance when lifting the product. On the other hand, if the lift table is too big, workers may not be able to conveniently reach what you’ve loaded.

Here are some other elements to take into consideration:

  • Safety: The most important element to consider when buying a lift table is safety. Your lift table should have enhanced safety features to protect your workers and any product in your warehouse.
  • Stroke: In this context, stroke refers to the length of the lift table’s reach. Depending on how far you need the lift table to reach, you’ll want to pick one that’s big enough and is beyond the maximum expected reach you need.
  • Size: The size of your loading platform is very important when lifting large loads. If you’re lifting conventional pallets in your warehouse, you’ll need enough matching surface area to handle the product.
  • Drive: Your ideal lift table will have the right type of driving mechanism. Common ones include mechanical, manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or a combination of both. We recommend pneumatic tables because of their safety features and flexibility of use above other types of drive mechanisms.

If you would like to learn more about lift tables or you’re considering buying one, American Manufacturing is here to help. Our pneumatic lift tables are made to keep your warehouse safe and effective. Contact us today at 419-531-9471 to learn more!