Steel fabrication is an extremely technical process that involves taking raw steel and shaping it into its desired form. It requires a high level of skill and proper equipment as there’s nearly no room for error. It is a necessary part of many industries and plays a large role in creating parts for mass consumption

A closer look at steel fabrication 

Industries and manufacturers often work with steel because of its high durability and opportunities for customization, especially since plastic is solely dependent on molds that are expensive to build. Steel is also a strong and versatile metal which makes it a great choice for a variety of uses. 

Advancements in technology have also helped steel fabricators to continually evolve their processes over the years. For example, the use of 3D modeling has allowed manufacturers and steel fabricators to better visualize the most complex components of a project, even before the process begins.

Steel fabricators utilize various methods of turning steel into its product form. Some of the most common methods of steel fabrication involve cutting, burning, forming, welding and machining, all of which require attention to detail and extraordinary knowledge of steel. Precision and technique are also key factors for high-quality steel fabrication. 

A quality fabrication process relies heavily on both the technician and the tools at their disposal. Two of the most popular methods of steel fabrication are welding and cutting. Welding utilizes extreme heat to melt and fuse materials together whereas cutting is most often performed before fabrication so that the pieces of steel are easier to work with. 

At American Manufacturing steel fabrication is one of our core competencies and allows us to serve various industries. We have advanced technology in our welding and cutting processes. Robotic welding is offered at American Manufacturing through the use of a Lincoln Electric Automation System 55E and System 40 Welding for clean and precise welds. We’re capable of welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum of all shapes or sizes. Our welding services at American Manufacturing provide customers with consistent welded assemblies or sub-assemblies for high-volume production orders. We also offer robotic plasma cutting and production saw cutting. The robots at American Manufacturing are fully programmable and can produce almost any part. 

Steel fabrication is centered around cutting and shaping steel, yet there are still other relevant aspects and steps of the process to be considered before beginning your steel fabrication project.

How to find a manufacturer that’s suitable for your steel fabrication needs 

Although it is important to work with a manufacturing company that is skilled at steel fabrication, that doesn’t always mean they’re easy to come by. At American Manufacturing, we capitalize on our steel fabrication skills and use our 300,000 sq ft facility to produce quality products on a large scale; such as our standard steel containers. 

Like many aspects of manufacturing, the steel fabrication process begins with a design. Various tools and software can be used to create prototypes of objects even before beginning the fabrication process. So, choosing a manufacturer equipped with the knowledge and technology to get your project started on the right foot is important. At American Manufacturing, we can help our customers conceptualize a well-functioning design and aid in the start to finish of their steel fabrication project using our 3D modeling software. 

Additional factors to consider include the project timeline and capacity constraints. For a smooth process, it’s vital to consider how much time is needed to complete the project combined with the manufacturer’s capabilities. Fabricators that are based in the United States, such as American Manufacturing, can be beneficial when operating on a shorter timeline. Working with a domestic manufacturer can help to reduce shipping costs and in turn shorten the overall timeline. Working with a U.S.-based manufacturer can also help minimize problems that may arise when sourcing materials. 

Other questions to ask a potential manufacturer include asking what steel fabrication services they offer in-house or if they outsource any of their services, if their staff can handle the building and fabricating steps required and what their experience is with similar projects. The answers to some of these questions can give you a better understanding of a manufacturer’s steel fabrication abilities. 

At American Manufacturing we facilitate and assemble many different types of products. Some of which include military vehicle brackets, after-market towing products, cargo-carrying devices and more. Whatever your steel fabrication needs are, we’re likely able to assist, as we serve a wide range of industries. If you have any questions about our steel fabrication capabilities, please call us at 419-531-9471 or contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you complete your steel fabrication process from start to finish.