Container Types: What’s Right for Your Needs?

  For automotive companies, shipping containers are critical in their business operations. There are various types of shipping containers available; choosing the right one is a multi-factored decision.   American Manufacturing has become a preferred supplier of some of the world's most respected automotive manufacturers, including Stellantis, Ford, and General Motors. We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of container types tailored to the customer’s needs. Let’s explore the features and benefits of different types of shipping containers, so you’re equipped to make an informed choice and select the most efficient, effective containers for your automotive business.   Truss-base shipping [...]

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Extreme tilt provides extreme benefit for production workers

Sometimes we like to overthink our manufacturing processes. With all the available mother-daughter or quad steer cart systems out there, you can find your manufacturing costs skyrocket in a short amount of time. Our standard line of carts might be the actual fix you need while keeping your investment costs down. In this video we will break down the CMHE4492 tilt cart. This cart is simple to use and even easier to maintain. These dollies give you the opportunity to remove some of your forklifts to create a safer manufacturing space. You can find all our carts on the [...]

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What Does a Fabricator Welder Do?

If you’re familiar with the manufacturing world, you’ve definitely heard the terms “fabrication” and “welding,” but are you familiar with fabrication welding?  If not, you might wonder: Is metal fabrication the same as welding? What is a welding fabricator? What does a metal fabricator do? And why is fabrication welding important? Let’s illuminate this industry term by exploring all there is to know about welding fabrication and what these professionals do.    What is Fabrication Welding? Fabrication welding is a term used to describe the complete cycle of both fabrication and welding that metal pieces or structures go through during [...]

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4 Benefits of Using Ergonomic Equipment in Your Manufacturing Plant

Ergonomic principles are important in manufacturing settings. Using manufacturing ergonomic equipment and procedures can help reduce the risk of injuries, improve productivity, and create a more comfortable work environment for your employees. If you haven’t implemented ergonomic warehouse equipment into your manufacturing plant yet, consider these benefits for why you should. What Is Ergonomic Equipment? The science of ergonomics in the workplace is designed to tailor tasks, products, and environments for the human body, thereby eliminating any physical barriers to quality and productivity. When ergonomic equipment is implemented into a warehouse setting, production processes can become more functional and streamlined, [...]

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Vertical Milling vs. Horizontal Milling

Milling machines are essential tools in the industrial world because of their ability to work with heavy parts and shape hard metal. The applications and uses you are looking for in a milling machine will determine which type may be ideal for you. Some machines are designed to work with more general pieces, while others are more specialized for smaller, more complex projects. Whether your industrial workspace is big or small, many types of milling machines can offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will examine the differences between vertical and horizontal milling so you can determine which type [...]

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Benefits of Using a Top Hat Rack and Cart

Material handling carts, such as a top hat rack and cart, are great for warehouse operations because of their versatility and ability to enhance the production of goods. As some of the most popular material handling solutions, these top hat racks can be a great investment for warehouse managers to consider, especially with how economical they are. A top hat rack and cart can offer many benefits for your warehouse space. Here’s how top hat racks work and why they can improve the efficiency of material handling and production line assembly. What Is a Top Hat Rack and Cart? [...]

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Steel Equipment Containers: What to Know

Manufacturing warehouses have material handling needs that must be met with high-quality and safe equipment like steel containers. These containers are vital parts of the manufacturing process because of their ability to handle, ship, and store parts for various industries. Ultimately, your company’s industry will determine what your container needs are. At American Manufacturing, we always recommend steel equipment containers for all warehouses and companies with production assembly lines. These material handling containers have a range of capabilities and safety features that make them ideal for the manufacturing process. Below, we detail some reasons why you should choose steel [...]

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American Manufacturing Pallets vs. Wood Pallets

Warehouses and distribution centers require steel shipping pallets to handle, store, and ship merchandise correctly, allowing for a more effective use of space on the warehouse floor and a safer shipping process. Because of this, these pallet racks must be durable enough and built in a way to withstand heavy loads and keep products from falling due to imbalance. Wooden pallets remain a popular choice for many shipping companies, but at American Manufacturing, we utilize heavy-duty steel pallets as a more effective and durable alternative. There are many reasons why you should consider using steel pallets over wooden ones, [...]

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How to Stack Shipping Containers When Not in Use

Shipping containers are great tools for warehouses to use, but they can get in the way of your company’s manufacturing processes if not stored correctly. When not in use, workers should take special care to ensure that all containers are stacked properly to avoid safety problems and maintain productivity. Our heavy-duty steel containers at American Manufacturing can be easily stacked and stored if done correctly. Here are some tips we recommend to ensure your warehouse remains efficient and within proper safety protocols. Stacking Bulk Shipping Containers Steel shipping containers offer many uses for your business, including creating a more [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Lift Tables

With so much going on in a warehouse or industrial setting, forklifts can become a safety hazard for workers. While they are effective for moving merchandise and heavy loads, they take up a lot of space and can be easily mishandled. Instead of just relying on a forklift for your warehouse handling and moving needs, you should also consider a lift table. Lift tables help to provide further automation on a manufacturing line. With many different types and options, American Manufacturing recommends our lift tables as a safer and more convenient mode of product transport in a warehouse setting.  [...]

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