4 Tips for Buying a Tilt Cart

Having an industrial cart or dolly at your warehouse can help to improve the manufacturing process. Carts and dollies tend to serve the same purpose, so they are basically interchangeable. Tilt carts are more efficient and safer to use than forklifts, and tilting equipment and can be manually maneuvered to carry parts and tools. At American Manufacturing, we offer our customers heavy-duty industrial carts that can roll, rotate, and tilt. Our versatile products are great for moving equipment and parts around when you need to. Let’s look at some of the benefits of buying a tilt cart for your [...]

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How Microchip Shortages Are Affecting the Auto Industry

If you’ve tried buying any electronics in the past year, you may have noticed a significant increase in pricing and a decrease in supply. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a massive surge in demand for electronic goods and other related products such as computers, gaming systems, and cars. The pandemic affected many industries because of the high demand for products due to people being stuck at home. In particular, the auto industry has especially been affected due to a worldwide microchip shortage. Here is a look into how semiconductor production shorted out and what this could [...]

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Steel Pricing Guide 2021: When Will Steel Prices Go Down?

Many industries slowed or even stopped the production of their products during the COVID-19 pandemic. The steel industry is no different, and with a continued supply shortage problem, there’s no clear indication of when the cost of steel will go back down. As a company that heavily produces steel products, American Manufacturing is constantly monitoring the steel market. Although it’s challenging to predict the steel price forecast for the last half of 2021 into 2022, American Manufacturing is working to keep costs low for customers. What Determines Steel Prices? Like most products, steel price changes are mainly determined by [...]

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Blank Pin Pallet

Metal stamping plants rely on repeatability and automation to stay competitive. At American Manufacturing, we developed a steel blank pin pallet to assist in stamping automation. We designed our pallet to be configurable to almost any blank shape and size. We will be dissecting the video below to show the ins and outs of what makes our product stand out. It might be hard at first to watch this video and think about how it can improve upon your existing process. Here we will try to help answer some lingering questions about how to improve upon your current processes. [...]

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The Role of Automotive Suppliers

Automotive suppliers can range in scale and size from very large corporations to small or medium-sized companies. They play an integral role in both the manufacturing process and the automotive supply chain. There are also different roles and categories of automotive suppliers which we will further define. Keep reading to discover what automotive suppliers do and how they impact the automotive industry and supply chain as a whole.  What do automotive suppliers do? Automotive suppliers are commonly defined and referred to as companies that manufacture goods or products that are utilized within the production process of an automobile. This [...]

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How Automotive Racks Help With Shipping

Industrial automotive racks are key to a seamless transit and shipping experience. They serve a great purpose in protecting automotive parts during transportation while also increasing the number of parts able to be shipped in one transit. A quality automotive rack should be able to withstand its environment as well as helping facilitate a smooth transition of automotive parts from one facility to the next.  Who needs industrial shipping racks?  Everyone who manufactures parts in multiple locations and has them sent to an assembly plant has a need for industrial shipping racks. Some industries that greatly benefit from industrial [...]

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A simpler way towards a Fork-Free workplace

Sometimes we like to overthink our manufacturing processes. With all the available mother-daughter or quad steer cart systems out there, you can find your manufacturing costs skyrocket in a short amount of time. Our standard line of carts might be the actual fix you need while keeping your investment costs down. In this video we will break down the static cart with a riser. This cart is simple to use and even easier to maintain. These dollies give you the opportunity to remove some of your forklifts to create a safer manufacturing space. You can find all our carts [...]

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What is Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication is an extremely technical process that involves taking raw steel and shaping it into its desired form. It requires a high level of skill and proper equipment as there’s nearly no room for error. It is a necessary part of many industries and plays a large role in creating parts for mass consumption A closer look at steel fabrication  Industries and manufacturers often work with steel because of its high durability and opportunities for customization, especially since plastic is solely dependent on molds that are expensive to build. Steel is also a strong and versatile metal which [...]

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Benefits of Steel Pallets and Pallets With a Lip

Pallets serve an important role in the manufacturing process. It’s no surprise that because of their high level of functionality, pallets have become a basic component in our modern-day supply chain. There are a variety of different types of pallets that can be extremely helpful for manufacturers and serve their own purpose. Knowing the different benefits of each type of pallet can help manufacturers use them to their fullest capability.   What are the benefits of using a pallet with a lip?  Pallets with a lip are helpful for a variety of reasons. A lip pallet has a raised edge [...]

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Integrating Ergonomic Equipment Into the Manufacturing Process

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is defined as “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely,” according to Merriam-Webster. Ergonomics, as it applies specifically to manufacturing, relates to the science of creating the process to fit the worker rather than pushing the worker to fit the job. The worker is the central focus and their capabilities shape deciding factors. Ergonomic equipment makes performing tasks more comfortable for the worker by limiting awkward motions and positions such as twisting, bending or stretching past a feasible and safe [...]

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