Automated saw cutting of a 40′ tube bundle


Using both of our Hydmech H-22A-120 automatic band saws, we are able to quickly and precisely cut full bundles of steel to produce any part our customers need. We are able to process carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We then palletize or neatly stack parts into a customer provided bin for safe delivery back to the customer’s location.


  • Hydmech H-22A-120 Automatic Dual Post Horizontal Band Saw
    • Full capacity hydraulic overhead bundling
    • 10′ Bar Feed
    • Steel guide arms. The idler side guide arm is mechanically connected to the front vise moveable jaw for proper guide arm spacing at all times.
    • High resolution feed rate valve allows for constant feed rate when cutting special alloys
    • Automatic PLC control programmable up to 999 jobs with 10 in queue.
    • Hydraulic band tensioning with digital readout
    • Hydraulic carbide guide tensioning
    • Blade deviation monitor
    • Vertical alignment rollers
    • Powered conveyors

    Our saws are fully programmable to cut tubing, angle, channel, pipe, and solid bar using a variety of set-ups.

    If you are looking to affordably cut Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum, Contact Us for a quote today!