Multi axis burning solid work

3D Table Work – burning pallet detail

Robotic Load/Unload Arm and Plasma Cutter


Using our Fanuc ArcMate 100 Robotic Plasma cutting system and our Fanuc R2000 fixture loading robot allow us to offer clean precision cuts on a mass production scale. We are also able to perform 3D plasma cutting for intricate production parts.


  • Fanuc R2000 fixture loading/palletizing system
    • RJ3iB Control
    • 6 Axis arm
    • 2 Magswitch Pneumatic controlled magnets (300lbs holding force each)
    • Automatic alignment sensors
  • Fanuc ArcMate 100 Plasma Cutting cell
    • ArcMate 100ib Plasma Robot
    • 6 Axis arm
    • R-J3ib Controller
    • Standard down burning table work capacity (100″ x 60″)
    • Multi axis burning solid work (100″ x 45″)

Our robots are fully programmable to cut almost any part using a variety of set-ups.

If you are looking to affordably plasma cut any shape into Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum, Contact Us for a quote today!