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Extreme tilt provides extreme benefit for production workers

Sometimes we like to overthink our manufacturing processes. With all the available mother-daughter or quad steer cart systems out there, you can find your manufacturing costs skyrocket in a short amount of time. Our standard line of carts might be the actual fix you need while keeping your investment costs down. In this video we will break down the CMHE4492 tilt cart. This cart is simple to use and even easier to maintain. These dollies give you the opportunity to remove some of your forklifts to create a safer manufacturing space. You can find all our carts on the [...]

2022-11-02T13:02:35-04:00November 2nd, 2022|Blog, Product Demonstration|0 Comments

What to Expect for the Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry overview The manufacturing industry is of high importance to the American economy. In 2016, the United States manufacturing sector would’ve stood alone as the ninth-largest economy in the world, according to the National Association of Manufacturers. As with many industries, the manufacturing industry faces both unique challenges and opportunities for advancement. Some of the challenges manufacturers are facing include market volatility, rising material cost and growing pressure to reduce prices. In an effort to combat these challenges, many manufacturers are also working to improve their performance across capabilities, strengthen their relationships with consumers and are seeking out [...]

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How Industrial Carts and Dollies can Improve Your Workplace

Utilizing an industrial cart or dolly can greatly improve the efficiency of a manufacturing process. Uses and terminology for industrial carts and industrial dollies are interchangeable as they generally serve the same purpose. Some people refer to them as a cart, others a dolly, but the uses for both remain the same. Although a hand truck can also be called a dolly, for purposes of this article, we will not be discussing the uses of a hand truck within manufacturing.  Create a safer work environment The greatest improvement to the workplace that carts and dollies have to offer is [...]

2020-11-13T16:57:43-05:00November 13th, 2020|Blog|2 Comments

Heavy-Duty Tilt Cart

Creating a Forklift-Free environment This is not an easy task. Having forklifts driving around pedestrians in a manufacturing facility account for over 95,000 serious and non-serious accidents annually. In our last blog we broke down our double gravity tilt showing off the safety and operational features of this space saving piece of equipment. For this post we will dig into our heavy-duty industrial cart line. These dollies give you the opportunity to remove some of your forklifts to create a safer manufacturing space. You can find all our carts on our Cart and Dolly page of the website. The [...]

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