Paint plays a fundamental role in the manufacturing industry, helping protect and improve the appearance of a wide variety of products and components. For many years, powder coating has been the preferred method for manufacturers due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. However, with recent technological advancements, liquid-based paint is gaining in popularity thanks to its advantages over powder coating.

At American Manufacturing, a special water-based paint is used in the container production process. This paint is superior due to the enzymes added during its manufacture, enabling a solid adhesion to metal. This enhancement allows for the production of finished products with efficiency and long-lasting results.

Water-based paint has four main advantages over powder coating: improved durability, more even coverage, faster processing and reduced environmental impact. Let’s explore why these advantages can pay off for you too.

The advantages of water-based paint

1. Improved durability

Customers are often concerned about rusting. One main advantage of liquid-based paint over powder coating is that it offers superior resistance.

The efficacy of a paint type can be judged by conducting a salt spray test. By replicating saltwater conditions, this accelerated laboratory method simulates long-term exposure and can reveal how well a coating can resist degradation due to atmospheric corrosion. The water-based paint used at American Manufacturing stood up to the test, proving more resilient than powder alternatives. Furthermore, the powder-coat application requires more effort if damage occurs; a sandblast is necessary prior to touchups or repairs.

2. More even coverage

Water-based paint also offers more even surface coverage in comparison to powder coating. Not only does water-based paint deliver a more precise application, but it also allows for improved adhesive properties. Why? Liquid-based paint has an increased ability to bond with the substrate, as a result of it using a lower absorption rate. This enhances protection from factors such as corrosion, clogging and durability issues.

3. Faster processes

Since water-based paint dries faster than powder coating, it is ideal for high-volume production runs where speed is a factor. Also, because liquid paints require fewer steps in the application process than powder coatings, there’s less potential for errors. And that leads to more consistent results each time.

4. Reduced environmental impact

Finally, water-based paints are also more environmentally friendly than their powder counterparts. Since they don’t contain solvents or other potentially hazardous chemicals, water-based paints are less likely to harm the environment or people working near them. This makes them a safe choice for any manufacturer looking to operate responsibly while still getting quality results for their products.

American Manufacturing’s water-based paint process

At American Manufacturing, containers are treated to a two-step process with water-based paint for optimal protection and longevity.

After the products have been washed with phosphate-based soap to remove any cutting fluid or spatter residue, they undergo pressure washing with heated water before being dried inside a 200-foot-long oven. Subsequently, the metal surface is warmed up to 100 degrees through additional heating on the paint line prior to the application of primer, which bonds better due to its heat sensitivity as well as the removal of moisture in the ambient air. Finally, the container goes back into the machine once more for a topcoat application of paint before the last thorough inspection prior to delivery or shipment.

Water-based paint: The clear winner for durability and versatility

When it comes to painting products in the manufacturing industry, there are many options available, including liquid and powder coatings. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, water-based paint is the clear winner in durability and speed. This offers manufacturers greater versatility – along with faster drying times and less potential for errors during application processes – compared to traditional powder coatings. Ultimately, this makes it the preferred choice for manufacturers looking for the highest standards of production.

With over a half century of specialized experience in the production of high-volume steel containers, American Manufacturing stands out in the automotive industry for its use of the most advanced manufacturing materials and methods, including water-based paint and ergonomic equipment. This dedication to reliable techniques backed by research and development has earned American Manufacturing the distinction of preferred provider status for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Get in touch today.