One of the most important things you should look for in a manufacturing partner is a quality assembly department. This can ease the burden on your own production by letting an end-to-end manufacturing partner get your products fully assembled and ready to go, rather than delivering it to you not fully finished.

Here’s why an assembly department is a must-have when looking for a manufacturing partner.

What Does an Assembly Department Do?

An assembly department brings together professional manufacturing engineers and assembly technicians to take the many parts of a product and put them together in a finished product. Basically, assembly departments assemble!

When you contract out your assembly to a manufacturing partner, you are entrusting your products to an expert team of engineers who are well-versed in the work processes and execution of assembly to create a reliable and high-quality final product. In essence, this is the second half of the manufacturing process. Where in the first phase materials are cut and prepared for assembly, in this final phase of manufacturing the materials are fused together into the final piece.

Get to Know Our Advanced, Dependable Assembly Department!

At American Manufacturing, we expedite your assembly process with the latest robotic welding technology to create safe and sturdy products that companies in everything from automotive to distribution to aerospace rely on for building vital machinery and productive warehousing systems. Without our assembly department, these extremely busy manufacturers would have to add assembling the parts themselves to their production lines rather than simply bringing the finished parts together into the final equipment.

And here at American Manufacturing, we’re always endeavoring to help our team grow in their skillsets. For example, we prioritize cross-training to make sure our staff members are all well-versed in the different elements we manufacture.

Our assembly department operators currently produce a wide variety of robotically welded assemblies and sub-assemblies across a dozen industries. As a custom build house at heart, we curate our process to the specifications of each individual customer to provide a completely unique and to-order product that they can count on.

Why You Should Work with a Contract Manufacturer for Your Assembly Needs

Contract manufacturers are here to serve your business, lightening the manufacturing load with a streamlined assembly that churns out well-crafted and reliable products. Here is what you can expect when you outsource your assembly to a contract manufacturer like American Manufacturing:

Automation and Robotic Technology

Manufacturers that care about creating the best possible products for their customers are well-versed in the latest technologies. We know our industry and how to give the best possible results, and that means embracing Industry 4.0 and taking on the world of automation in our assembly processes! This leads to better quality welding that is even more precise than a human engineer can achieve—all at a much faster pace!

Decreased Manufacturing Costs

Instead of spending the extra time and money collecting cut materials from a manufacturer and attempting to assemble them in-house, you can actually save money by having your manufacturing partner handle the entire process start-to-finish, delivering you reliable parts exactly to your specifications that are ready for installation in a vehicle, machine, or other piece of equipment.

In addition to lowering your overhead for the assembly process itself, you’ll save money on the space you would need to create in your warehousing or plant to keep up with the demand for parts assembly. In many cases, this is just not sustainable and much more cost-effective to outsource with a reliable manufacturing partner.

Customized Production

Just because you are outsourcing to a manufacturing partner who is extremely familiar with parts assembly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the custom nature of your needs to some standard, cookie-cutter option. The right assembly department can adapt its process to meet your highly specific needs!

American Manufacturing is the Assembly Partner You Need!

At American Manufacturing, all of this and more is made possible through our incredible robotic welding processes that give your business a competitive edge with faster, better-quality assembly results. To learn more about how our assembly department can service your business beyond the standard options listed on our website, contact us, and let’s discover together how we can help!