In the motor vehicle cluster alone, the state of Ohio is responsible for 12.3% of the national output—second among all states. Ohio is also the number one producer of engines, the number two producer of transmissions, and number two in automotive manufacturing as a whole.

Because auto manufacturing is so prevalent in Ohio, it has naturally had a significant impact on not just the state, but on the automotive industry and our country as a whole. As a Toledo-based auto parts manufacturer, American Manufacturing is passionate about the importance of our industry for employing our people and empowering our economy!

How Auto Manufacturing Impacts Ohio

Ohio has over five million people employed right now—the most we’ve ever had in the history of the state! A single auto manufacturing plant can bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to an area, furthering development and boosting the local economies. The reach of auto manufacturing is astronomical, so much so that if the automotive industry in America went bankrupt (like the big three almost did in 2008), one in three people would be affected.

Each person employed is also one less person in need of government assistance, easing the strain on our national and state budgets to improve society as a whole. Just one person employed in a sustainable manufacturing job is empowered to support their loved ones and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Making a Difference in the Automotive Industry

The impact auto manufacturing has on the people of Ohio goes beyond statistics and reduces unemployment. When you employ one person, there is usually at least one other person that the job is supporting—so the impact of a single position extends beyond the employee.

At American Manufacturing, our employees love seeing the fruits of their labor when the new Ford F-150 or Dodge RAM hits the market. They are able to look at those American-made vehicles and say, “I helped build that.” This gives everyone at our company a real sense of purpose and meaning in what we manufacture as an automotive supplier. Every single employee at American Manufacturing has contributed to getting those vehicles on the road!

Jobs for the Common Man

The auto manufacturing industry brings jobs for people of all skill levels and backgrounds to Ohio. These are jobs that anyone can grow in, with both skilled and unskilled positions that support people of all capacities. You don’t have to be highly skilled or have a college degree to succeed in auto manufacturing. There are plenty of opportunities to grow and move up without any technical experience, just a great work ethic.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Our People

Because auto manufacturing involves so many approachable positions, it becomes a powerful opportunity for positive change in the lives of Americans who just need a second chance. At American Manufacturing, we’ve had several employees come to us after years of struggle with addiction. At times, this has meant letting them go for a season, but as soon as they’re clean and ready to make a change we welcome them back with open arms.

We’re passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty for the common American. When an employee comes to us with a difficult past and needs help to overcome their addictions, we set them up with a sponsor in the workplace to further empower them to succeed. At least half a dozen American Manufacturing employees in situations like this have been successfully promoted up the ladder, to top levels of production and even supervisory roles!

Ohio is Keeping Auto Manufacturing Domestic

Did you know? Over one-third of the nation’s population is within eight hours of Toledo, making it a logistical hub and a growing hub in manufacturing and automotive. This centralized position empowers our city to be a supplier for all the different parts of how a car comes together.

Ohio is also an incredibly business-friendly state, with programs that help manufacturers with continued innovation and growth. With hundreds of millions of dollars invested in retraining grants, Ohio helps manufacturing workers to stay with their companies by funding their education. When a job is replaced or changed by modern technology like cobots and other automation, the state of Ohio helps aid employees in learning the technical skills needed to upskill their new role. Not only does this ease the burden on the employer to find a skilled worker, but it helps individuals who aren’t very tech-savvy to learn a real marketable trade!

Choose American

American Manufacturing has been employing at least 100 people in Toledo for almost 30 years. We don’t just build parts cheap and fast like you would get overseas. As an automotive supplier, we keep your parts made in America and support other companies that manufacture and build in America. Keep your manufacturing local—keep it American!